Sunday 13 March 2022



The final row of  my little Civil War quilt has been sewn on...sort of. I decided not to add the 8th row because it looked a bit too long. This is due to the quilt not being as wide because I unpicked all the rows of half square triangles that were supposed to be on the side of each block. So, this is it without a border.

Hmm, the border. Here lies another problem. As I bought all my Civil War fabric in 30cm or fat 1/8ths, ( because I cut small pieces),  I don't have any big enough to cut borders from. I do have a couple of larger ones but they do not look suitable for the border.  Most quilt shops down here closed down during the pandemic apart from my local quilter who has her own little shop at home. I know she stocks some Civil War fabric so I may venture out and visit her. Otherwise I shall shop online. So, it looks like this is now a UFO. Bummer ! 

Moving on.....progress with my crocheted blanket. Only a few more rows to do and then I shall crochet the border.

It is a a beautiful warm sunny day here today, a welcome relief from the cooler weather we have had. I was out of action on Friday with a migraine which was probably due to the previous stressful week . Today I actually cleaned some windows!! Note, I said 'some' lol. The rest can wait for another burst of energy. I must find that recharger.

Happy stitching.


  1. Your little civil war triangles are so pretty - hope you find the fabric you need soon. The blanket has come along well too. xx

  2. Love your little civil war quilt Ondrea and I hope it isn't too long before you find some fabric for the border. Your crochet blanket is looking fabulous! Have a good week! Hugs Christine xx

  3. It's not a UFO yet, you still have a plan for it. Your blanket is looking very pretty.

  4. Well done on the almost finished!! I am sure it will not be long before you have the border fabric and have a finish. Your crochet blanket is looking great. David cleaned our front windows a few days ago, was amazing the difference!!

  5. lovely little quilt... hopefully you will find the perfect border fabric. you have done so well with the crochet blanket... looking great... window cleaning is not very exciting is it?

  6. Your little quilt looks lovely. Hopefully you find the perfect border fabric. Your blanket looks great too.

  7. The quilt is looking good...... Goodluck finding a border......I cleaned all the Chookshed windows recently......And that's lots.... Now to attack the house......



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