Sunday 10 March 2024



Summer finally arrived here yesterday. We are in the 2nd week of autumn , had no summer during actual summer apart from less than a handful of warmer days, and now another couple of hot days are ahead. They have even cancelled the Moomba parade tomorrow for the safety of performers and the crowd. I love summer but not the possibility of fires or the rowdy impatient tourists down here. 

It has been good getting back to some stitching and I have started another crosstitch. I found a Homespun magazine stashed away with this crosstitch design and during my sewing room cleanup I also found 2 packs of 16 ct Aida in a tin. So, I got organised and started the crosstitch using my chosen colours. 

I seem to be managing the 16ct Aida better than linen for my eyes, thankfully. 

I have done some more of Jennifer's stitchery design but got a little sidetracked doing the crosstitch. 

So, slow progress but better some than none. 



  1. Pretty new cross stitch design and the embroidery is looking lovely. xx

  2. It is amazing what is found during a clean up. Stay cool.

  3. as you say some progres is better than none. spoke to my son at the weekend and he said it was really hot down your way...

  4. Summer is finishing with a blast! I love that cross stitch. It is such a pretty one. Happy stitching xx



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