Sunday 24 March 2024



I have enjoyed more stitching time making my tree of hearts bloom and grow. 

Now that I have found a way of rediscovering my stitching mojo I am quite enthusiastic to do more crosstitch , ( although I still have to finish and old one), and have purchased a new design which embraces my love of patchwork as well. Win, win! 

It is only a small crosstitch and there are a couple of others I have in mind too. I also bought a small gothic pattern but need to buy a couple of threads before I can start it. 

                                      Happy stitching!! 


  1. Such pretty hearts Ondrea. Love the new 'patchwork' design. Glad the mojo is back. xx

  2. How wonderful you have re-discovered your love for cross-stitch! We creative people need something to occupy our hands, and it's such a blessing to be able to move from one form of handiwork to another - life is series of seasons after all. :-) I'm absorbed with slow stitching and crochet in this season, and find them both calming and joyful. xx

  3. You are making great progress with Tree of Hearts.

  4. Your cross stitch is lovely...

  5. Love the heart tree Ondrea. Your new project looks great.

  6. it looks great and was lovely to see Susan's finished on zoom........encourage your progress........



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