Tuesday, 19 September 2023



I have missed a post as I was not well and hadn't really done much stitching. A Tuesday post is unusual for me but it is now or who knows when. I need to catch up on all your latest blog posts too.

I have made progress with my owls the last few days and I may be able to finish it in time to be framed for Christmas. 

I have read 2 books. I absolutely loved Salem Street, the 1st of a series. I now have the 2nd book on my shelf ready to read and have ordered the 3rd one.

However, you win some, you lose some. I bought this book below, but found it to be extremely boring. For the first time in my reading life I flicked through several pages trying to get to the point. There seemed to be so much ado about nothing but maybe that was just the mood I was in . So this one is heading to the Op Shop....not a keeper. Someone else may enjoy it. 

Sleepless nights, early cat rising mornings and pain have prevented me from doing much lately but I have improved the past couple of days. Freya, our furry house guest shall be going home soon when her family return later this week from their 3 week holiday travelling with their caravan. I am happier now that I went to Bunnings yesterday and bought some plants for my verandah which I shall finish planting this afternoon.  Life is always brighter with a few coloured blooms. 

May your days be filled with the things you most enjoy.

I just read my post and have no idea why the text size keeps changing. Sorry.


  1. You have made great progress with the owls Ondrea, they look fantastic. Some books you like and others not, such is life!

  2. It'll be lovely to get your owls finished in time to hang at Christmas Ondrea and I am glad you enjoyed one of your books. Plants always do bring a lot of pleasure. Hope you have a good week! Hugs Christine xx

  3. Those owls are just sooooo cute. If I cannot get into a book within the first chapter or two it is onto the next book.

  4. Cute finish on the owls cross stitch. Mine is lying neglected at the moment.

  5. haha - I get text size changes sometimes too! as long as it's big enough to read! I do love how your owls are looking...



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