Monday 25 September 2023



I have done a little bit more of my owl crosstitch, mainly the owl on the left  but you probably won't note much difference from the last pic. I have done some definition outlines and filled in small gaps with single stitch colour , some 2 stitches or just 3. I dislike this fiddly part of doing crosstitch. However, I am on the home stretch with just the owl on the far right to finish after this one.

Meanwhile, I decided to pick up my crochet hook and some yarn in my stash to make some 8" squares for charity blankets. I chose to make solid granny squares but may make some different ones as well. 

I think they look quite pretty and happy colours. Perfect during Springtime. I have many other colours in my stash, quite a selection really,  all Stylecraft Special DK from the many CALs I have done, mainly from Attic 24. I love this particular yarn so much that when I was tidying up and tossing stuff out  I sorted many other remnants of yarns and gave them to others to knit for charity but kept mostly this particular one. 

Now back to finishing that crosstitch!

Happy stitching. 


  1. The owls are coming along so well - nearly finished! The colours of your squares are so pretty. xx

  2. I love the pattern you are using for the crochet squares... and agree the yarn from Wool Warehouse is lovely....

  3. Great progress with the owls! Your crochet squares look wonderful, love the colours.

  4. Those 8” squares are lovely, and the design of them is one I’ve not seen before. I agree, Stylecraft yarn is beautiful to crochet with, and the colours…gorgeous.



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