Sunday, 19 February 2023



Some more needleturning on my UFO has been happening and I have completed 2 more blocks.

Here is where the problems begin. 2 of the hearts have been trimmed too far down the middle of the heart at the top. The heart pictured on the right is one of them. I have over sewn the slit but it is very noticable and shall  probably fray. Hmmm, maybe a button to cover? Shall worry about that later. 


I was happily needleturning this afternoon when I realised  the block had gathered and been caught underneath resulting in being sewn as well. I should be grateful I didn't stitch it to my pants! 

I thought I would start cutting the fabric for the 2 plain blocks in the quilt. However, whoever cut the fabrics for the kit managed to cut a couple an eigth of an inch short which means I can't cut 2" squares from it.  Fortunately, I have some fabric from this line in my stash which will match okay...I think. 

With another week left to wait for the crocheted blanket border instructions and more yarn on order from the UK for my grandson's blanket, I have started another crochet project from Attic 24. I won't say what it is yet incase my version of colour combinations doesn't work. I am using my yarn stash.

Well, having put the last needleturning block aside, I am now sipping a glass of champers watching the 20th anniversary eps of Kath and Kim while hubby is in bed on meds again. Gotta get a laugh from somewhere! 


  1. Your hearts are so pretty Ondrea - maybe little bows or ribbon flowers at the top of each heart? Nice start on your crochet mystery - keep laughing! xx

  2. Your needle turn looks lovely and yes a cute button might help. Hope you enjoyed your bubbles.

  3. love the hearts. I like your plans to fix the extra slit... I have heard people use a fabric glue to stop the fraying also. What a pity the fabric kit was short such a tiny bit.... lovely start on the crochet... pretty colours

  4. Life is too short to not be able to laugh!! Your needle turn looks great - I did the same thing quilting in the week, the edge of the backing was folded underneath and sewn down!! Not happy!! Shame the kit was short but very lucky you have some suitable fabric. Your crochet circles are lovely.

  5. Thank heaven for our stitching and bubbles - helps keep us sane at times. Take care.

  6. Your UFO project is coming along nicely Ondrea. I hope you enjoyed your champagne!! Hugs Christine xx



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