Sunday 12 February 2023


Oh dear! I have really enjoyed the CAL and I managed to keep up with each week. However, my lap size rows have been completed and I have to wait 2 weeks for the border instructions. Not happy! I was momentarily tempted to do my own border but decided to be more patient.

 My 3 year old grandson wants me to make him a green blanket, his favourite colour. When my now 6 year old grandson was around 2 and a half I made him a blanket in blues, his favourite colour . I crocheted the Dune blanket pattern slightly smaller ( still available on Lucy's blog at Attic 24). So, I am going to make the green one using the latest CAL design. I made a sample using the green yarns I have but I am not really happy with the colourways.  Looks like I need to order some more greens. 

While I am patiently?? waiting to do some more crochet I have been needleturning . 4 blocks are done.

Now I am contemplating starting another crocheted blanket while I await more green yarn and the border instructions as I need hand projects to do when I finish the needleturning . 

I always need to keep my hands busy in the evenings while watching tv or streaming shows. Do you?


  1. Haha - patience is a virtue! The hearts do look lovely. Starting another great project would be great if you didnt have to wait patiently for more yarn to arrive! Oh yes, definitely need something to keep me awake while the TV is on. xx

  2. Well done you for keeping up with the CAL. The wait will go quickly and it's great that you have some needleturn appliqué to keep you busy in the meantime! Have a great week! Hugs Christine xx

  3. Your needle turn looks lovely. I hope you get your yarn soon, or find something to keep you busy. I'm another one who needs t keep her hand busy.

  4. you did well with the CAL and some other lovely projects happening. Yes, I have to have several projects to play with next to me watching TV

  5. You are doing so well with the CAL, seems you could be doing two at once! I do hand stitching in front of the tv at night.



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