Sunday, 18 September 2022



Thankyou Chooky for hosting the Zoom day last weekend. Although I didn't stay long it really brightened my day. I had overdone things a couple of days up the flood in our ensuite bathroom after a pipe burst inside our vanity cupboard. The day was spent mopping up all the water from the floor and the cupboard which contained baskets of things, the baskets full of water. The water gushed out until we could get someone to help us turn the water off outside.  3 loads of towels to wash and dry took most of the day. I

I have persisted with my Eastern Jewels crochet and completed the last granny square which I hadn't realised wasn't done. Number 9.  Then I discovered I had crocheted the wrong stitch on the last row of 3 granny squares which I then unpulled and redid. I then crocheted a granny triangle and made 3 more yesterday. They are not perfect, infact patience and persistance ran out after 5 attempts and re reading instructions. I ended up fudging a bit but I have the correct number of stitches so hopefully everything will come together nicely. Fingers crossed...and toes and legs. 

I hope the pic isn't too blurry. I can't hold my tablet steady enough while hovering above to take pics.

Looking for something to read while waiting for my next delivery from Booktopia , I found a book on my shelf that I bought over 10 years ago and had forgotten about. It was only $4.00 and is 2 books in one. I just finished the 1st book and thoroughly enjoyed it. " Sing As We Go". I shall read the other one after I have read my new Tara Moss book which I started last night. 

I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Thanks for visiting me.

I just checked this post and saw that the text size changes. Sorry, no idea why. Lol. 


  1. Well done with persisting, the crochet block and triangles look great. Sometimes the instructions just don't make sense. Enjoy your book.

  2. Love your crochet squares and triangles. Looking forward to seeing them all put together! Hugs Christine xx

  3. Water gets everywhere doesnt it! Such a nuisance, I do hope not too much was ruined and that you have the problem all fixed now. Well done for persisting with the crochet, such pretty colours. xx

  4. The fudging looks good. It is amazing how far water goes and how heavy towels become to pick up once used as "sponges".

  5. Glad you could join us even if it was only for a short time............I do like the crochet project your working on.....

  6. Goodness me, water worries are not fun. Your crochet pieces are pretty, but I can appreciate the frustration of having to unravel and redo…thank goodness it’s easier with crochet than knitting. 😉



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