Sunday 25 September 2022



I have my mojo back! Yey! It is amazing how much happier I am when I have some crochet or stitching to do. Although I haven't made much progress on anything else, I have made progress with my Eastern Jewels blanket. 

All the granny triangles have been done and placed in labelled bags with the squares. 

The 4 corner half granny triangles are also finished.

See these foundation circles for the octagons I had prepared years ago....

they were all wrong! I had crocheted the wrong stitches so I unpulled them and remade each one. That kept me busy for a while.

Yesterday I started making an octagon and this is as far as I got so I am hoping to finish it today if all goes according to plan. 

I will have to do something about the pink showing through parts of the blue round but I don't want it to distract me from progressing .

Well, that's my excitement for the week. What was yours? 


  1. Whohoo! An octagon in progress! Great work Ondrea and I wouldnt give those specks of pink a second thought, they all add to the charm. Have fun. xx

  2. So glad you have found your mojo Ondrea and I love this beautiful crochet project you are working on! Hugs Christine xx

  3. This is going to be a very pretty and colourful project. Good on you for correcting earlier errors.

  4. That's going to be a stunning blanket. I absolutely love the bright colours you've chosen. Yay for returned mojo!!

  5. Well done on all you have done, the blocks are amazing.



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