Sunday, 4 April 2021




It has been a busy Easter weekend here with tourists and holiday makers. It is more like a pre Covid Christmas. I have been busy helping my daughter move some things and clean their new home before they moved all the furniture in on Good Friday. Needless to say, I am tired and sore but I have really enjoyed some bonus times with my grandsons. So, what stitching have I done? Well, I just finished the 1st one of block 3 a couple of hours ago.

Now that I have been re motivated I started the next one.

After about 3 weeks I have just finished reading this book. I just couldn't read for very long some nights and usually I would be half way through another book by now. This book was a bit depressing and although it is a novel I get the impression that is loosely based on the author's experiences, after having read the acknowledgements at the end of the book.

I hope you have all had a pleasant Easter break and enjoyed some relaxation and stitching.


  1. Happy Easter Ondrea! Christine xx

  2. HOpe the rest of the weekend is lovely and relaxing...

  3. A new home for your daughter - what fun. And lovely for her to have your help I am sure. Hope your recovery does not take too long. Pretty stitcheries. Find yourself a fun book to read next. xx

  4. Wonderful you helped your daughter, I hope she enjoyed her new home, I hope too you got some rest and recovery time. Your blocks are lovely. Those kind of books can be depressing as Lin says you need a fun one next time.

  5. How exciting for your daughter moving to a new home. Hopefully you have been relaxing a bit now that she i in the home. Lovely stitcheries, i do enjoy reading a good novel.



  Unfortunately , I have not done any crafty things since my last post. It is a cold and wet day here so I might venture into my sewing room...