Sunday, 2 May 2021


 Lazy days and busy days have intermingled these past couple of weeks, thus the delay with a new post. My grandsons have been ill and they have recently moved into a new home so I have been willingly helping my daughter while she and her hubby have been unpacking and still moving boxes. 

I have had the urge to crochet and thought I would start a new C.A.L from the UK but upon finalising the yarn order I realised the postage was going to cost more than my order! Pre Covid the postage was quite reasonable but the company has had to change postage so people receive their order in reasonable time. Well, no order from me. So instead of starting anothet blanket I decided to play with mosaic crochet. 

Then I decided to try making an ear warmer. Now I need to find some purple yarn.

Today I traced the 3 stitcheries of Simple Days, block 4. I still need to add the applique pieces before I start stitching.

I finished my youngest daughter's book. True crime this time. Whenever she comes down to visit we swap books on cults and crime.

                       Take care and enjoy some stitching.


  1. I like the look of that mosaic crochet... and I will be pulling out some yarn to start a blanket for a winter project soon.... pity about the high postage costs. Great ear warmer... what a good idea, a whole beanie is not always needed....

  2. It is a shame about overseas postal costs, they make buying a no go really. Your mosaic crochet looks wonderful and the ear warmer is a great idea. Lovely stitcheries ready to go. House moving is a huge job with little ones!

  3. That mosaic crochet looks wonderful. That's sad about the postage cost. Hopefully they will go back to their old postage service soon.

  4. The mosaic crochet looks interesting Ondrea. Hope the little boys are OK now. xx



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