Saturday 27 February 2021



After completing the 3 stitcheries that make the 1st block of  Jenny's B.O.M I have made little progress piecing it together. As usual, piecing is the thing that slows me down and I now need to do some unpicking as I am not happy with one of my choices. However, block 2 has been released and I have enjoyed tracing the designs and have each stitchery ready to applique and stitch. 

Sorry about the pic. I always seem to have trouble with photos. Now that my daily chores are done I plan to sit and stitch , and  revisit the piecing of block one. 

Thanks for visiting and keep safe.


  1. Your blocks look lovely Ondrea! I'm looking forward to seeing how you have pieced them together! Have a lovely weekend! Hugs Christine xx

  2. I love the knitting basket. Looking forward to seeing them together.

  3. Very pretty blocks Ondrea, looking forward to seeing them all together.

  4. Great blocks Ondrea. Hope you had a lovely time stitching away. Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

  5. Very pretty blocks Ondrea - go on, get that piecing done! xx



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