Sunday 14 February 2021



Here we are back in lockdown supposedly for 5 days but that may change. I suspect on again, off again lockdowns may be a way of life during the next year or 2. The only disappointment for me shall be if my munchkin's 4th birthday party needs to be cancelled. His present is wrapped ready to give him so I hope I can get it to him in time. 

The final stitchery for block 1 of the B.O.M is now complete and all of them have been trimmed ready to piece.


Blogger is making things more difficult to upload photos now but at least I figured it out. Why do they change things that require another step to get to? 

I have run out of time to select and cut the fabrics for piecing block 1 but shall endeavour to do it tomorrow.

Keep safe and well.


  1. I hope you get to see the birthday boy. Your stitcheries are just soooo cute. Take care and stay safe.

  2. Yes I do hope you get to see the birthday boy. Love your stitcheries, stay safe, happy stitching.

  3. Fingers crossed you get to see your Grandson. Happy birthday to your little man. Lovely stitcheries Ondrea. Take care and stay safe xx

  4. Beautiful blocks Ondrea, I hope you can get to see your grandson. Keep safe.



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