Sunday, 24 January 2021


 Last night I finished the stitchery I was doing but now I am wondering how to frame it. I first thought I would just display it in a hoop as it is or add some fabric then frame it in a normal frame. I have no idea what I am doing now but here it is.

On Friday I visited my local patchwork shop for the first time in over a year and it was so nice to wander around  selecting some fabrics for a new project. I was the only customer there. I found some suitable fabrics and thought I would add more fabric from my stash. Big mistake! Looks like I am returning to the shop. 

Now that I have some new fabrics and threads I am ready to start Jenny's Block of the Month called "Simple Days" which is starting tomorrow.  I always have great enthusiasm when about to embark on a new project. 

Perhaps I can find some border fabric for my Pandemic quilt when I return to the patchwork shop. 

The weather is lovely here at the moment and we are expecting a few very hot days ahead. We are not venturing anywhere until the tourists and holiday makers go home after Australia Day.  It is bedlam out there and I am looking forward to things getting back to no tourists normal. 

Enjoy some stitching.



  1. lovely fabrics... are you sure you didnt forget the border fabric on purpose so you could go back????

  2. Nice finish on the pretty stitchery Ondrea. Lovely fabric haul for the new BOM - enjoy! xx

  3. Such a pretty stitchery and a lovely lot of fabric and threads to work with.

  4. Your stitchery would look beautiful in a hoop. You have a great selection of fabrics and threads for your new project. Hopefully the numbers around you have reduced now after Aus Day Weekend!



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