Sunday, 8 November 2020


Once again all I have stitched is the " Wish You Well" monthly block. Two out of three stitcheries are done and I have started the last one. Unfortunately, my stitching is not as good as it used to be and I am finding my backstitches harder to keep even in size but I can't get too hung up on that or I will lose the enjoyment of stitching. I wonder if others have found the same problem as they get older ...eyes and arthritic fingers. 

The sun is out today and restrictions on travel kms have been lifted here as of tomorrow so things are looking up. 

Keep safe , keep smiling, and keep stitching.

P.s  I just looked at this post and found that the font size changed in places. I apologise as I have tried to rectify the problem to no avail. 


  1. Your stitching looks just as good as always from my chair.

  2. Well done... I still need to trace mine out.... I do find end of day when I am tired the stitches go a bit... but you are hard on yourself.. your work looks great

  3. Beautiful Ondrea.... enjoy being able to go out a bit further again! Christine xx

  4. Your stitcheries are beautiful Ondrea, the stitches look fine to me. So good the restrictions have been lifted you can enjoy a bit more freedom.

  5. As the stitchery says - enjoy the littles things! - dont worry about perfection although from here your stitching is looking great. xx



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