Sunday, 1 November 2020



November's pattern for the "Wish You Well" B.O.M arrived last night so I printed it up right away ready to start today. I had a bit of a turn this morning and my blood pressure dropped rather low so I thought my plans had gone awry but I recovered and have just finished tracing the stitcheries and choosing the threads which are bagged and ready to pick up and stitch. I just have to go a bit slower with everything today.

Our shops have reopened and although I am not rushing out to buy anything I was pleased that I could go to buy some lace yesterday. We had actually pulled in the car park of Bunnings to buy some potted blooms but hubby's mask broke. Light bulb moment....go to Lincraft just around the corner and buy a disposable one and look for some lace. Voila! Done! Hopped back in the car and hubby tried to put the new mask on . It broke!!! Hence we never went back to Bunnings and my wind blown droopy flowers have not been replaced.

Due to Covid restrictions I haven't seen my youngest daughter since February but we text and chat a lot on the phone. On her day off working from home she carved a full size pumpkin for Halloween . She has previously done smaller pumpkins but this was the first large one she tackled. It is the Hat Box ghost from the Haunted Mansion.

I have finished a lovely book which I saw on Sue's ( Kiwi Kid) blog a while ago. A new author has now been added to my list. The descriptions of Melbourne and Mildura are particulary good and very acurate. My dad lived in Mildura as a kid and I 'fact checked ' with him. 

I love to see what people are reading on their blogs and have been directed to authors I have never considered before. Needless to say, I have just received 3 more books from Booktopia and one more is still on the way. I mention the company because they are very prompt despite Covid , the books always arrive undamaged and they are an Australian company. 

Happy stitching and reading.


  1. Glad you've made a start on November's block but do take it careful if you aren't feeling good! Take care"Christine xx

  2. Hope you feel better soon....

  3. I hope your bloos pressure is being better behaved today. Good to read you enjoyed the book, it is always interesting when you know the area I think. Hubby is not having much luck with the masks!! Good you got some lace, maybe plants will happen next outing. Your daughters pumpkin looks amazing.

  4. It always seems a long time when waiting for a new block. Hope you are feeling better and enjoy reading the new books.

  5. Glad you made a quick recovery - so annoying to feel unwell just as you want to get on with something. Looking forward to seeing how your stitcheries progress. Shame about the plants though. Back in lockdown here! xx

  6. Glad you felt better and could follow through with your plans. Clever carving by your DD. I agree love a bloggy book review xx

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