Sunday, 20 September 2020


Another week of stage 4 lockdown . Tourists have arrived en masse from uptown ignoring the 5km radius limit and curfew . Here am I going out one day a week for supplies not even being able to travel 15 minutes to my daughter's yet those special entitled people can travel around 80km plus???  This pandemic is very different from the ones 100 and 200 years ago. People never had the comforts and technology that we do, well, most of us. They really did it hard. It is my youngest daughter's birthday today and I haven't seen her since February but we have had the luxury of texting, phoning and video chats. I just enjoyed a lovely video chat with her to say happy birthday and see what gifts she has received. We are so blessed .

Anyhoo, I digress. July's block has been pieced . I haven't yet needle turned that added piece and I need to do the same with other blocks.

Some of the squares for the borders have been prepared ready to needleturn the hexies on them. I am doing hexies instead of circles and have fussy cut some of them.

I have finished another book. Despite the depressing life he lead , this memoir was told in quite a humourous way and I found myself giggling quite a lot. This book is one of my  favourites. I only have 2 other favourites...The Mists of Avalon, and Years of Wonder. ( or was it Year of Wonders? )

I would love to know if you have lifelong favourite books.

Angel Blessings.

P.S...still getting used to new blogger.


  1. Hi Ondrea yes it's a worry people doing what they are not supposed to do ,hope you and your family are safe. Well done on your beautiful work and I am glad that you have enjoyed your book ,stay safe and take care my friend xx

  2. It is the same here this weekend Ondrea, lots of people and holiday homes with people in them, I hope they are from country Vic and not Melbourne. Your blocks are looking wonderful and those hexies are cute. I don't know that I have a favourite book, every one I read has possibilities!!

  3. Some think that the rules do not apply to them. Keep your distance and stay safe and yes modern technology has gotten us through this disaster. Pretty hexies.

  4. great with the sewing..... it is growing so well....

  5. I love your progress the hexies are a great alternative. Yes apparently these rules are only meant for some people and definitely not dormthe rich and privileged! My fav books.....Light a Penny Candle, A Fortunate Life and the Boonsboro Inn Trilogy xx

  6. Hello Ondrea! It has been very difficult not being able to see anyone and, you are right there are always those who seem to think they are entitled to more than everyone else, still best not to think about it too much. Better just to be grateful that we have the internet now to keep us in video contact with those we love. Beautiful block too! Hugs Christine xx



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