Friday 6 March 2020


I had my little sewing group here today, my only monthly social activity. As I only have projects to be finished on the sewing machine or to have fabric auditions I wondered what I could sew today while chatting. Ah, another little quilt! Just the thing to get me back into stitching. So, I selected my Civil War repros from my stash for the first 5 rows a couple of days ago and have now cut the fabrics for the first 2 rows to be hand pieced. 

I have read another book! Couldn't put it down. It is Christian White's second novel. I read his first one, " The Nowhere Child" when it was first released and quite enjoyed that one but this one was exceptional . I never saw the double twist coming. Another great Aussie author.

Thankyou for visiting. 

Angel Blessings.


  1. A lovely way to spend the day with like minded people. I will have to keep on eye out for that book.

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely day and I hope you have a lovely weekend too! Christine xx

  3. Enjoy yur tiny stitching - and the book. xx

  4. Wonderful you got to spend time with stitching friends, best way to spend a day. Your blocks look so TINY 😯.

  5. Nice stitching and how nice to be able to enjoy it with friends
    I have never read any books by that author in fact never heard the name Will keep a look out

  6. Nothing nicer than stitching with friends. Looking forward to seeing another of your gorgeous little quilts evolve Ondrea. I haven't heard of that author...shall have to go on the list xx



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