Sunday 28 July 2019


Now that my angel quilt is awaiting borders I decided to rummage through my UFOs to find another quilt I had started a few years ago. It is another lovely quilt by Anni Downs called "A Gardener's Journal". I had done all the stitcheries, cut them back to the correct size and had even cut all the fabric pieces and put them in zip lock bags. So organised! Well, errr,umm, maybe not. As I read through the instructions and sorted through the completed stitcheries I realised that I was one short. "No way , it must be somewhere. " I thought. Wrong! I have definately forgotten to do one block.  I had all the fabrics together in the box but I still cannot find the background fabric to stitch on. So, it seems I will have to use a different fabric. Guess what I have put off doing?  However, I have forged ahead and completed Block A.

This afternoon I started Block B.

Now that I have border fabric for my  "Little Lucy" EPP quilt I just need to cut the border strips and then try to figure out how to finish it all off after needle turning the EPP edges onto them. 

I hope you have had a pleasing productive weekend too.

Angel Blessings.


  1. Hi Ondrea wow you are on a roll ,it's good you are tackling UFOs can't wait to see this one finished,hope you find some of that missing fabric,enjoy your evening my friend xx

  2. Very pretty fabric for your Little Lucy Ondrea. Your Gardners blocks look great out together. I hope you can find the lost fabric or find a good replacement.

  3. How frustrating not being able to find the fabric. Love the border fabric for Little Lucy quilt.

  4. Very frustrating not having that fabric or block. I have worked some of those stitcheries and made them into minis - they are such fun. xx

  5. easy to lose your enthusiasm when there is an issue finding all the pieces you need.
    Your blocks so far look lovely.
    pretty border fabric..



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