Sunday, 19 May 2019


 Yesterday was a very productive day for me in my sewing room and today is no exception either. As usual, I tend to get enthused around 4pm then find myself resenting being interupted by having to make something for dinner. Fortunately, meal preparation had been partly done so I didn't have to leave my creativity behind for long. I really wanted to make the binding for my little quilt. Hmmm, green or red? Hubby and I both agreed that red would be best. So, last night I completed stitching the binding and today I have made a sleeve and pinned it to the back ready to stitch. I also drew up and traced the label ready to stitch.

The other little quilt top is complete ready to sandwich, baste and quilt. 

Remember my owl stitchery ? I framed it today.

It feels so good to actually see things through from start to finish instead of half finishing projects and putting them away for later.

Now, back to my angel quilt.

Angel Blessings.


  1. Your mini is beautiful and I can see all the handwork which has gone in to it. And the framed owl - love!!

  2. Love the red binding, both mini's look fantastic...always wonderful to see a finished item. The owl looks amazing too. Hope you got lots done on the angel quilt.

  3. I so love your little quilts and the Owl is so cute. It looks wonderful in its new frame. Well done on your progress and finishes xx

  4. Hi Ondrea sorry haven't been on the computer much. Wow I sure do love your mini quilt it looks fantastic and how cute is your owl,beautiful work my friend xx

  5. Two gorgeous finishes there and the other little quilt is going to be beautiful too. xx



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