Tuesday, 14 May 2019


Hasn't it been a cool one this past week down south! My bones feel like they have ice in them which permeates out to my skin. I am already longing for summer before winter has begun. At least I have had a lovely light warm baby blanket sitting on my lap as I crocheted the final rows and borders.

I know it looks wonky but according to the instructions  I need to pin it into its shape ,  place damp towels on it and let it dry. I guess this is what they call" blocking" in the crochet world. I certainly hope it looks better after that procedure!! The edge was crocheted in crabstitch, a new one for me. It gives it a solid tight finish and is simply UK double crochet done left to right instead of right to left. I learned that from google and You tube hehehe. 

I thought it was about time I got back to my angel quilt so I managed to completed borders on 2 blocks. Only about 3 or 4 blocks need their borders now and then the fun part of piecing will begin. 

I started to hand quilt the little star quilt but some of the seams do not meet properly. Even though they are only a poompteenth out it becomes very obvious when the quilting stitches show. So, instead of using perle thread I am using quilting thread so it doesn't show up as much. Well, that's the plan says I rolling my eyes. 

I am itching to start my Dune blanket now but I am trying to make an effort to finish my 2 little quilts first. Ofcourse, my angels need attention too.

I hope you all had a lovely Mothers Day .

Angel Bless


  1. What would we do without "goggle" and you-tube. The blanket looks very delicate and I am sure it will behave itself after "treatment".

  2. Love your new measuring terms!! The baby blanket looks wonderful, thank goodness for google and you tube!!. The angel blocks look amazing too, your mini quilt will look fantastic once it is quilted.

  3. Beautiful snuggly baby blanket. Lovely to see Angels again. I have to say I love your mini xx

  4. The crochet looks beautiful - I am sure it will straighten up with blocking. Your Angels are pretty. xx

  5. Hi Ondrea you do such beautiful work my friend ,yes i found utube a big help. Your blanket looks so cute and cuddly perfect for a new baby,take care my friend xx



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