Friday, 3 May 2019


Crochet bliss arrived on my doorstep yesterday all the way from the UK. A lovely organza bag bundle of my favourite yarns is begging to be opened so I can start my Dune blanket.

I really do need to restrain myself from starting the blanket because I am currently crocheting munchkin number 2's baby blanket with the pattern and ever so soft yarn that also came from the UK.

I definately have the crochet bug and need to think about finishing my 2 little quilts. 

I know what I shall be doing this weekend and I hope you enjoy yours.

Angel Blessings.


  1. Love those bundles that come from the UK, such pretty colours Ondrea. Your Munchkin 2 blanket looks wonderful, great pattern.

  2. Your new baby blanket is looking so sweet and delicate. Nice work.

  3. Ohh very pretty mail Ondrea. I do love the blue and white one you are working on. Such a lovely pattern xx

  4. gorgeous wools! I am very tempted but am contenting myself with using the left over sweet pea wool in a small throw in the shell pattern.
    Just finished my sweet pea blanket.
    love the other baby throw too.

  5. Hi Ondrea oh i do love your wool,awesome mail to get and i love the new baby blanket,lovely design,hope little Corden is feeling much better xx



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