Tuesday, 26 February 2019


For a while now I seem to have mislayed my stitching mojo and have just been enjoying doing some rythmic crochet.  Now that my crochet project is nearly complete I thought it may be time to get back to some stitching . A few years ago I decided not to buy any more patchwork magazines as I rarely found more than 1 or 2 projects I wanted to do in each issue and sometimes they even reused projects from older issues. I figured I would rather invest in books which were my genre so I could make several projects from the one book. I was paying around $10 for a magazine when I could buy a book for around $30 with heaps of projects I liked. I sometimes buy a more expensive mag called Simply Vintage but I particularly love many things in it when I do buy one. So, I recently revitalised my mojo from this lovely book .

That got me going!  This little quilt jumped out at me.

Ofcourse, I don't make life easy by following the instructions to rotary cut and machine piece. No, no no.  I made a template , selected fabrics from my stash and cut each individual piece by hand. You all know that I much prefer hand piecing but many would question my sanity.  I am making this little beauty slightly larger and have made a start on setting out the first 2 rows ready to stitch.

This took some concentration because the half square triangles are placed in different ways. This will be a check and double check as I go project for sure.

Now back to finishing my crocheted throw and cushion.

Angel Blessings.


  1. Hi Ondrea this is going to be a beautiful little quilt can't wait to see your progress on it. So glad your mojo is back again hope your day is a good one my friend xx

  2. What a beautiful project to get you going. I completely agree with you about hand pieceing - so much nicer and more relaxing to do. xx

  3. Well done on finding your mojo. You have started back with a lovely project.

  4. Good to hear your sewing mojo is back. That is a beautiful quilt, hand sewing is quite relaxing, looking forward to seeing your progress.

  5. Love your new project and nice to hear your mojo for stitching is back. Look forward to seeing the finished crochet.



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