Saturday 23 February 2019


This week's topic for The Gentle Art of Domesticity is "Colour" . For some unknown reason I cannot locate the image to attach here even though i went to the usual place to find it. Bah humbug, computers lol.

So, what is my favourite colour? Purple!  I have a purple camera, purple sunglasses, purple specs, a purple phone cover,  and I always carry a purple pen with purple ink in it. I recently bought a black sun hat and couldn't resist personalising it with some purple fabric. However, like all colours, there are so many various shades. Even black and white come in vatious shades. This became very apparent to me when searching for black or white fabrics.

Over the years I have come to realise that I love all the colours of the rainbow yet my clothing is mainly black, and my home is predominately varoius types of blue. I have blue bedroom and bathroom walls and the  main living area and kitchen is a light aqua' ish blue. Our home is weatherboard and guess what colour???? Aha, BLUE.  I have never been shy of coloured walls but I have found it limiting when it comes to hanging quilts. However, I just hang them regardless.

Our furnishings were mainly pine as I love natural woodgrain. We never painted our pine door frames and architraves because we love the timber. We have pine floorboards too. Recently we were able to change some of our furniture to white with wooden tops and grey sofas which creates more harmony for me.  Not so higgildy piggildy.  I find that one can always express themselves with the colour of soft furnshings like cushions and throws.

I have my great grandmothers's cane chair which my dear dad lovingly repaired and painted white for me. I love displaying my little civil war quilts on it. Note mainly blues hehehe. And yes, I collect owls.

Other colours are displayed. Not blue.

Here is blue again.

So what  table runner is on my table right now..hmmmm an aqua blue lol.

I think there is a theme here. 

I hadn't realised how much blue is in my home probably because I have green bench tops and so many bits and pieces which are all different colours. Colour can affect our moods and I guess I have chosen blue because it isa peaceful colour, a restful colour unless it is a really dark deep blue. Food for thought.

Angel Bless


  1. Hi Ondrea wow loving your purple things and your home sounds amazing ,you have made it very comfortable and pretty,well done my friend and i hope you have a wonderful weekend xx

  2. I adore purple too! I love that chair - the perfect place to display your work. xx

  3. Love purple too, good to hear you have your home as you like it. Beautiful chair your Dad fixed up for you, is wonderful to have special memeories in your house.

  4. Yes I am a rainbow girl but like you home is muted tones and decorated with the colours and textures of textiles. I loved seeing what makes your heart sing...Thanks for sharing. PS LOVE your little Civil War quilts xx



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