Saturday, 22 December 2018


....a Christmas dish . After a massive clean up last week and the adrenalin still pumping I just couldn't wind down. I was sitting on my sofa looking at the Christmas dish I had placed on the coffee table. It is silver, white and gold . Well, my mind started whizzing and I remembered that I had a couple of Christmas fat quarters in those colours. So what did I do? I went straight into my sewing room, found the fabrics and proceeded to cut them into strips , piece them together, make the back using some of the left over fabrics and machine quilted it in one go! Woohooo! I thought I would have enough scraps left to make the binding but, alas, I was proven to be incorrect. Hmmmm, dilemma. By this time it was one a.m so I thought I would retire for the evening, (or morning), and work out what to do the next day. Luckily I found some suitable fabric in my stash, not quite what I wanted but it did the trick. Voila! A Christmas table topper. As usual, I am not a good ironer as you can see.

I tried a different mandala design during the week. All it needs is a press and a hoop.
The big clean up is still happening, in fact I cleaned up my sewing room again today. I emptied 2 plastic containers which I can now use for other things and threw out other stuff I had put aside. After  a vacuum  I am doing the happy dance. Now for the cupboards.
Have a lovely weekend a wonderful Christmas.
Angel Blessings.


  1. Love the table runner, you sure are charging along with the clean up! And then have energy for sewing too! The mandala is great, you will have a display wall of mandalas soon!

  2. That bowl was made for your pretty runner. It feels very therapeutic to have a clean out every now and then.

  3. How pretty....well done! Your mandala is beautiful. Merry Christmas to you and your family too Ondrea xx



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