Friday, 14 December 2018


  Years ago I read a bit about colour therapy and how various hues can affect our emotional well being. I have been "hooked" on making colourful crocheted mandalas and find myself  smiling as I crochet and select the colour combos. The first one I made has now been attached to a hoop. The process was a little tedious at first but I soon got the "hang" of it. ( No hanging thingy has been made yet). Any ideas?

As I mentioned in my last post I have found making these mandalas quite addictive.
I am trying another design now.
More colour therapy arrived on my doorstep yesterday from the UK. I am doing Lucy's Sweet Pea CAL which starts early January. I simply couldn't resist. Lucy will be putting it on her blog each week at Attic 24 and I can tell you that her step by step instructions along with photos are always fantastic for anyone new to crochet or needing a bit of confidence.
I haven't really done much stitching since I discovered the mandalas and I have also been doing a massive summer spring clean around the house sending stuff to the Op Shop or the rubbish collection  and it feels soooooo good. Another Christmas block is nearly finished, just not for this Christmas. ( Unless anyone has a spare elf or two???)
I am off to visit Jenny's blog now for her latest pincushion design. Another addiction.
I am not sure if I shall be blogging again before Christmas so I would like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas with an abundance of love, joy and good health.
Angel Blessings.



  1. Love the colours and your mandalas Ondrea, I can see they would be addictive!! Your house clean sounds good, always good to get rid of the old and unwanted. That wool pack from Attic 24 is beautiful, should be a beautiful blanket. Your stitchery is beautiful. Happy Christams to you and your family Ondrea.

  2. Gorgeous mandalas. Are you going to display them by hanging individually or hanging each hoop from a central ring? I will be watching with interest.

  3. Your mandalas are gorgeous and I can see why they are addictive. Love your cute stitchery too. I shall look forward to seeing your progress on you new project. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas to Ondrea xx



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