Saturday 29 December 2018


The big days are over with New Year on the horizon which means the next few weeks are going  to be filled with random fireworks going off  every night in the early hours , parking almost impossible to find and our roads and shops filled with holiday makers short tempered and in a hurry. It always fascinates me how those on holiday are so stressed and in such a hurry to go nowhere. Ah well, I am sure I shall find some lovely crafty things to do so I don't need to venture out very often. This year I received some lovely crafty gifts. A Quilter's Companion Diary ( which I received last year and requested this year), a cute little pin cushion, a little owl kit and a DIY candle making kit.

I also received the DVD of the huge WWE Super Showdown event I went to at the MCG  a few months ago. Yeah, I know, how on earth does someone like me like WWE!  That is the thing that amuses many people who know me. My response? Ying and yang. I also love the reusable produce bags I was given.
I decided to make the little owl today. So cute! Hmm, me thinketh I could make some more with my stash of wool felt.
I finished a smaller mandala a few days ago but I still haven't decided what to hang them with. .
Now that I have some new furniture in our lounge room I need to make a couple of new table runners for the coffee table so that will be on my stitching agenda for 2019 along with a few finishing goals. I would love to know if you have any stitching lists for 2019.
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are looking forward to a glorious new year with an abundance of all good things.
Angel Blessings. 


  1. A very diverse and interesting collection of Christmas gifts. Cute owl and another gorgeous mandala. Enjoy making your new runners.

  2. Lovely gifts Ondrea. Yes that is the down side of living where holiday makers visit. My daughter had the same when she lived at the Sunshine coast.
    Nice you have some chillout occupations to pass the time. I have yet to think about my 2019 I do list.

  3. Happy new year my friend ,you have received some beautiful gifts. Love your owl well down. My sister lives by the beach and you can't move there at holiday times,hope you have a wonderful week Ondrea xx

  4. Lovely gifts for you...I can still not associate you and WWE...hee hee!! Is busy here too, heaps of people at the beach but nowhere near as busy as you get. Thank goodness for your sewing and crochet to keep you busy.



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