Saturday, 7 July 2018


Brrrrrr. It's cold outside. Last night was a very stormy night with strong winds and I could hear things being flung around our backyard. Today it is dull, windy and rain ,rain, rain. It is winter so I can't complain but it is rather miserable and I am glad I have stitching to keep a smile on my face. I am rather pleased that I have made 2 decorated hand towels .

I have completed another angel and the 2nd last one is almost finished now . This is Dimity the Dreamer.
This afternoon I have been busy trimming all the completed angel blocks to their correct sizes ready to have double borders sewn onto them once I have selected the fabrics. I have a feeling this is going to be a long process for me.
Keep warm, keep smiling and enjoy stitching.
Angel Blessings. 


  1. Hi Ondrea beautiful work my friend ,yes how cold is it ,thought it was going to snow today,hope you are keeping warm too my friend. Xx

  2. We had a very windy night last night too...much better this morning and today we even had some sunshine! Lovely angel Ondrea, looking forward to seeing them going together. The hand towels look great too.

  3. Love Dimity! You have done so well. I just took my time with my borders and did lots of sessions. Pretty hand towels too! Stay cosy down there x

  4. Pretty towels....I have often thought of doing them but wonder if there is much "stretch" when sewing the two different fabrics together. Another gorgeous angel to join the others. Stay warm.

  5. Lovely Angel block, Ondrea... great progress & I can't wait to see the fabrics you choose.
    I hope the weather wasn't feral for too long.



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