Sunday, 1 July 2018


Okay, where did June go? ( why does the date come up as Saturday 30th when it is Sunday 1st?)I just remembered to hang up my July mini. Jenny had designs for each month in her stitchery club a couple of years ago and I decided to make them into monthly minis using some of my pre cut stash. 

In my last post I said I was going to make some coasters to match my table topper. Well, here they are. I used the left over pieces from the charm squares.

This means I have completed 4 projects in June. Yey!
A set of coasters and table topper, a crocheted scarf, and Munchkin's quilt.  I am currently stitching another angel block , have one prepared to applique and I have been dressing the last one, Angela, this afternoon.
I am not a fan of winter so I do enjoy sitting in my heated home with stitching in hand. Unfortunately, I have lost my voice so I am sipping hot water with apple cider vinegar and honey. I believe it is also a bit cool up North so please keep warm and ailment free.
Angel Blessings 


  1. Hi Ondrea beautiful finishes my friend,well done your work is always so lovely,hope you have a lovely evening xx

  2. Oh no hope you are feeling better really soon.... At least you only type to your blog friends..... Lol.....

  3. I hope your voice comes back to you soon. Wonderful finishes, the angel is looking good.

  4. Lovely finishes Ondrea....hope you feel better soon xx

  5. Your mini will brighten up a dreary winter's day. Get well soon and enjoy your stitching in the meantime



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