Monday 8 July 2024



My slow and steady clean up in my craft room is still going. I did have a few days off but have done more today and yesterday. Many more things are off to the Op Shop including buttons but I am offering  these packs of Giggle Buttons ceramic buttons to you first. If anyone wants one or all packs I am happy to post them to you. I shall be holding on to them until Friday. 

I also have this pack of 100 laser cut hexies that I no longer need.

I have been reading again, something I have not been doing very much lately. As an avid Corrie fan I couldn't resist buying this book when I found it . It was a really light read but enjoyable. 

Now back to more decluttering....or a cuppa. Hmmm me thinkith a cuppa. 


  1. Good to get some more clearing out done. I have never watched an episode of Coronation St! Love The Archers though. xx

  2. You are going great guns with your clean out, I will happily rehome the hexies if no one else wants them!

  3. It is very "theraputic" to have a clean out every so often. More space to fill up in the future!!!!!

  4. Great idea to rehome when you can..... I like knowing they are going to someone who will use them...

  5. Your declutter is going well. If you don't find anyone closer to home I would love to take the Hexies off your hands. You know I'd use them. LOL

  6. I am sure the decluttering feels great. I started, but still have much to do before going back to work. One pile at a time I suppose.



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