Sunday 12 May 2024


My grandson's crosstitch was finished last night so it is ready to iron and frame. I haven't framed my own crosstitches for decades so it will be interesting to see how I go. I think some You Tube browsing shall be happening.

My local wool shop, the only one down here now, recently moved to a much larger premises which is a delight to browse in.  I have been wanting to crochet myself a shawl to drape over my shoulders while sitting watching TV and stitching , crocheting or knitting.  A trip to the wool shop resulted in purchasing some yummy yarn and my shawl is in progress.

I feel so lucky that the wool shop moved and expanded because the only alternative would be online or Spotlight which is a half hour away. Even Lincraft closed. 2 Target shops closed and became major supermarkets and now Target is also a half hour away in a large shopping centre . 

Now onto my next crosstitch....hmmmmm which one shall I start? I have 3 prepared . 


  1. You are powering through the Pokemon cross stitch. That yarn is divine.

  2. Congratulations on that finish! Lovely yarn Ondrea, it's going to be a pretty shawl. xx

  3. Well done on the finish! You are using beautiful wool for your shawl. Lincraft has closed here too.

  4. How lovely to have a nice wool shop near you.... the cross stitch looks great - have fun with the framing...

  5. the scarf is going to be pretty........its funny reading the changes you have had........the shops are way futher than that for the new store.........always exciting to see a crafty business expand........



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