Monday 23 January 2023



My Springfrost blanket is growing and I completed the 2nd week of the CAL just in time for the release of week 3 on Friday night. The top 4 and a half rows of week 3 have been done and I have been sewing in more ends. The colours are a lot softer than they appear in this photo.

The label for my finished quilt is finished and I have since sewn it onto the back of the quilt. Now I am contemplating whether to put a sleeve on it or not. I regard my quilts as finished once they have a label on them but I don't always put sleeves on the bigger ones. Having said all this I can't find the pic I took. Do you put labels and sleeves on all your quilts?

The book I received for Christmas has been eagerly read and I finished the last couple of pages this morning. Yes, it is another book about a cult, one I have another book about and I have also watched a doco series about it.  The cult leader is now in gaol for 120 years. 

I hope you have all had an enjoyable and productive stitching weekend.




  1. Your CAL is growing well and looks great. I label but do not always sleeve, sometimes I will put triangle bits on the corners for a rod to fit into for hanging.

  2. Springfrost is looking gorgeous. I looked it up on Woolwarehouse so I know how gorgeous and soft the colours are. I never put a label on the back of my quilts - I embroider my signature and date direct to the quilt as it cannot be removed like that. Hanging sleeves only if it's a wall hanging! xx

  3. Your crochet is looking beautiful Ondrea. I don't usually add hanging sleeves on my quilts until I really feel they need them and I often find other ways to hang them. Have a lovely week! Christine xx

  4. You are powering through Springfrost. Neither a labeler - is that a word - or a hanging sleeve here.

  5. The crochet is looking lovely - well done for keeping up...



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