Sunday, 29 January 2023



So far I have kept up with Attic 24's CAL and was, once again, ready to start the next part when it was released on  Friday night.  So, I have already crocheted 5 rows of part 4.

Ooops! Pic is upside down. Grrrr.


While waiting for more crochet to do I decided to finish the last bit of Gail Pan's " Wish You Well" BOM that I made during the early days of the pandemic , a lot of it done while we were in lockdown here in Victoria. I had one little embroidery to needleturn onto the quilt. 

It is not exactly a perfect circle but it will have to do. I made the quilt top entirely from fabric in my stash and I have some fabric for the backing but nothing for a border. I haven't been fabric shopping since before the pandemic started and I am thinking I may not add a border. 

Today I looked for my next UFO to do and found these I had done stored in a container with all the fabrics from a kit  of Lynette Anderson's  "Woodlands Secrets".

Looks like I shall be sorting everything out so I can start needleturning and piecing the quilt top after all these years stashed away.  

Happy stitching.



  1. Your crochet is growing beautifully. Your top is looking very pretty and I am looking forward to seeing what happens with the pretty hearts. xx

  2. Your crochet looks great, such pretty soft colours. I omitted the border on my version of wish you well, all those little circles would have driven me bonkers. LOL

  3. the CAL is coming along well - we just hung up our Wish You Well - it was on loan as a sample - it's a lovely quilt. Like you I used fabric from my stash but I did need to buy for the border. It was such a fun one to do. Your next project looks great...

  4. Your are powering through that pretty blanket. Looking forward to seeing how those hearts end up.

  5. Your CAL is going really well Ondrea. Good to hear UFO's are being finished. The hearts are lovely.

  6. Your crochet looks fabulous Ondrea and I love the Gail Pan BOM. I have it somewhere.... I finished three blocks I remember before I was diagnosed and started treatment and I haven't yet finished the other blocks. One day! xxx

  7. How wonderful for you to be completing so many lovely projects, Ondrea!
    Your blanket is looking lovely too. 💓



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