Sunday, 18 December 2022



I have just crunched and limped my way up off the floor after trimming the borders of my quilt ready for binding. Now I am scratching my head trying to remember where I put the fabrics from this quilt so I can prepare the binding. 

My yummy yarn for Attic 24's annual CAL arrived from the U.K last week. The CAL begins early in January and I am looking forward to crocheting again. Hmmm, will it be hot by then requiring air con or shall we need heating? The weather has been quite unpredictable lately. 

May the season bring you joy, love and good health. Perhaps some elves may miraculously complete all my UFOs. 


  1. Why do we all have those "safe spots" that we can never find anything again. Hope you have found the fabrics by now. Gorgeous coloured yarn.

  2. Why is it that getting up off the floor is further away than getting down? LOL

  3. Your quilt is looking lovely. We had a large plastic garden table in France which was perfect for trimming and pinning quilts. I see crawling around on the floor again in my future! Isn't it lovely when a package of wool arrives in one of those drawsting bags, such a good idea and I look forward to following your progress. If it wasn't for the bags of wool residing under my bed I could be tempted to join in! xx

  4. Your quilt is looking beautiful Ondrea and I hope you find the fabrics so that you can get the binding done. Love the look of the new crochet project. Shall look forward to watching that progress in the New Year. Hope you have a lovely Christmas. Hugs Christine xx

  5. A lovely pretty parcel of yarn for you.... have you found your binding?

  6. I enlarged the photos to have a look at your lovely embroidered blocks. Such a pretty quilt! Meanwhile I just got out my Yuletide afghan I made from Lucy last year. I'm crocheting her Cosy pattern now and will think about joining this latest one which I love too, of course! Merry Christmas, Ondrea!

  7. hey well done on the quilting and goodluck finding the fabrics for the binding........
    the yarn looks pretty - can't wait to see that one grow.......yes weather weird esp leading up to Christmas.......more settled now for us.....



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