Sunday 17 July 2022



My applique is coming along nicely with all the pumpkins, 2 leaves and a raven done. Just one more oak leaf, the other raven and a decision to be made on whether to use teeny buttons for the eyes or to stitch them. I must say that stitching black on black was almost like stitching without looking because I couldn't see much at all despite using my Daylight lamp. I was going to complete it today but too much appliquing has created a bit of pain in my fingers so I shall probably put it aside until tomorrow.

2 more books have been read since my last post. I only had a couple of chapters left to read of Victoria Purman's book and the other one was a quick read. I personally think The Nurses' War is her best one. My apologies for the blurry pic. I took it without my glasses on.

I haven't read this next author's books before but she was suggested for those who read Victoria Purman. A similar genre but not as enjoyable for me.

It is a very cold and wet day here today. I am waiting for the rain to stop so I can put the compost out and put some rubbish in the bin without having to put my parka on.

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  1. Good progress on your applique. I will be glad when this winter is wet and cold. The upside is that it is good reading and stitching weather.

  2. Black is never easy to sew is it! But coming along nicely. xx

  3. Nice progress with your appliqué. Hope your weather improves a bit.... we are having a heatwave here! Christine xx

  4. Black is very hard to sew but the applique is looking great.... I just started listening to a Victoria Purman.... coincidence.

  5. The stitching on the applique really brings them to life doesn't it. Black is really difficult to sew. Always good to hear about good to read books.



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