Sunday 24 July 2022



At long last I feel like I am making progress with my UFOs. The autumnal applique is finished apart from putting eyes on the ravens. The top will be cut down so it won't look as bare but I still need to decide what to make it into. I am thinking perhaps a wallhanging ? 

After my 2nd failed attempt to machine quilt this UFO I started  to hand quilt it with Perle 12 thread. I try to do a bit each day if my arthritic fingers are not too bad. Unfortunately, even sized stitches are difficult for me to do these days . I have unpulled many stitches along the way but can't worry about it too much if I am going to get the quilt finished.

I finished reading another book last night. It is a UK midwife's experiences in South Sudan and Bangladesh during her time with Doctors Without Borders. It is an enlightening account of what these brave medical people endure and how it changes them forever. PTSD is often the result. Some parts of the book are quite distressing but it is an honest and open account of what happens to birthing women in these poorer and war torn areas. 

The sun is shining today which is a nice change. The first load of washing has just finished so I had better go and put the 2nd load on. I hope you are enjoying some stitching time. 



  1. I think you pumpkins will make a lovely autumnal wall hanging. Slow and steady with the quilting and it will be lovely. xx

  2. That will be a great warhanging.... you will get through the quilting and it will look great - nobody will notice the size of the stitches at the end....



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