Sunday 5 June 2022



My EPP has grown a little bit. A round has been added to each side and now I am wondering if I should start filling in the gaps to make it rectangular at this size, keep making it larger or leave it the shape and size it is.  Any input will be gratefully received.

I finished the crocheted head warmer that I was still making last post but it is not the right tension so I started another one using a smaller hook. This one is much thicker and hopefully I will finish it tonight. The photo is darker this time but still not the true colour.

I enjoyed the 3rd book by Christian White. He lives here on the Mornington Peninsula.

I am halfway through another book and have a couple more in the queue including an Australian true crime book that Donna ( Chooky)  recommended while chatting on Zoom. I ordered it from Booktopia and it arrived quite promptly so I am eager to start it. 

It is very chilly here with little sunshine , gloomy days and early nightfall. I was up extra early yesterday morning to take my mum to hospital for minor surgery. All went well and she is fine. Fortunately, I slept last night after no sleep at all on Thursday night and little sleep on Friday night. This morning my youngest grandson stayed here for a few hours as my daughter is unwell and her hubby took my other grandson to a birthday party.  My grandchildren always bring me great joy and are a welcome distraction from life's woes. 

Keep warm and safe. 


  1. I love the shape of the hexies as they are but I suppose it depends on where you plan to use it, which is probably no help lol. Pleased Mum is OK and hope nothing to serious with your daughter. Yes it always brightens things up to have a grandchild around. xx

  2. Glad your Mum's surgery went well and that you got to spend some time with your grandson. I hope your daughter feels better soon! I think I would make the quilt rectangular but it depends what you would like. Hugs Christine xx

  3. how big is it now.......I do like the shape.........can you applique it onto a background?

  4. Lovely and white always so nice together. Nothing better than a new book to read. Enjoy your Grandson time xx

  5. What do you want to use the hexies for Ondrea? I quite like the shape they are now too. Good to hear your Mum is ok and I hope your daughter is better soon. Wonderful to spend time with your grandson.



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