Sunday 26 June 2022



My sewing days are jinxed. Every time I pickup a UFO or new project something goes wrong. Last week I basted a quilt ready to do some straight lined machine quilting. I am not good at machine quilting but I have quilted straight lines before. So, I took ages fumbling around trying to attach the walking foot properly , put a quilting needle in and set the stitch length ready to go. Before starting I did a test run on  2 pieces of fabric with the batting in the middle and it was perfect. However, when I was quilting the actual quilt the stitches were teeny so I had to work out what was wrong. Needless to say, I put it aside in disgust. Last night I unpicked the quilting I had done and I am seriously contemplating hand quilting it instead . I may try again after Sue ( kiwi kid) suggested something when I sought her help but I need to get in the right frame of mind again.

The only thing I achieved is a bookmark which I gave to my mum. I showed you the stitching I was doing last post from Jennifer's blog and completed it during the week. Somehow I even managed to make that a bit wonky. 

Ah well. Maybe this coming week will see me stitching properly. 


  1. I hope your next attempt at quilting goes ok for you. Your book mark is beautiful, hand made sometimes can be a bit wonky but it looks fine to me.

  2. Frustrating days like that are very annoying. Pretty book mark.

  3. The bookmark is lovely - made with love and slightly wonky go well together, but it looks good from here. xx

  4. Oh dear. One piece of advice I took very much to heart when I was learning to quilt was practice, practice, practice. I did, I persevered and things did get better. I hope you can over come this hiccup.
    Your bookmark is delightful.

  5. I hope you have a better week this week. I often find that one day I can quilt and the next I can't it is often dependent on how you feel! Love your pretty little bookmark! Don't give up :) xx

  6. Pretty little bookmark..... we all have those days things don't seem to go right with the machine...

  7. How frustrating for you, Ondrea. I hope you can sort out the problem because it’s so satisfying finishing a quilt.
    Love your bookmark!!



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