Sunday 4 July 2021



I haven't posted for a while as I simply had nothing to show. Projects in progress were slow to grow while I had little ability to focus on much due to headaches and lack of sleep . Running the household was my main priority which left me little energy for anything else.  

With a spurt of energy I am enthusiastically trying some new crochet .  I really needed to use cotton yarn for this project but couldn't get to the wool shop so I have used left over acrylic yarns instead.  " Blooming Lotus " square is from Sisters in Stitch with a free pattern and tutorial. The acrylic yarn isn't as good but for a trial run it does the trick.

                           I bought another crochet book. 

I have made a start on one of the projects in the book after I finally bought a few balls of cotton yarn on Friday.


Remember the cushion cover I crocheted a while ago? I bought a cushion insert when I was shopping for the yarns and finished it off on Friday night.

Block 6 of " Simple Days" was a delight to stitch. I am in the process of piecing the blocks but, as usual, it seems to take me forever choosing what fabric goes where.

 I promise to pop over to your blogs soon . Thankyou so much for visiting me.


  1. Hope you are feeling better.... Pretty Crochet trials...... Hope you get the fibre you want ....

  2. That trial flower is very pretty. Keeping the household running is a full-time job at the best of times let alone when not feeling well. Hope you are on top of things now. Enjoy your new book.

  3. You have some lovely projects happening.

  4. The lotus pattern is very pretty Ondrea and your finished cushion looks great. Pretty stitcheries. Hope you are feeling better. xx

  5. Lovely crochet and stitchery.... love that round you are doing

  6. Hope you are feeling better this week Ondrea, your trial crochet is beautiful. I am sure you will have fun with the new book.



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