Sunday 30 May 2021



Well, no surprise that we are in lockdown here again. I always said we needed to get through this coming winter before we could relax completely. I have been wearing a mask in supermarkets and shopping centres the whole time despite being told we no longer had to. Cautious, not paranoid. Now we see, despite the 5km rule, people coming down to their holiday homes again. Here we go.......

Anyway, despite all this I have enjoyed taking a break from stitching and doing some crochet instead. Now I have picked up the Simple Days stitcheries again and completed the last one of block 3.

And one of block 4. This is my favourite one. As with a few stitcheries, I sometimes use different stitches than instructed, omit some things and also do some creative stitching instead of applique. It all depends on my mood .

You know the crocheted cushion cover I was making? After posting it here I realised I had made a mistake so I unpulled it all and started again. Now one side is complete and the other is coming along quickly. I found another ball of the neutral coloured yarn in my stash so there is no longer the need to reverse the colours on the back.

I am enjoying  a more peaceful neighbourhood during lockdown and suspect it will soon be extended longer than 7 days. Looks like I may finish the cushion cover but be unable to shop for the cushion insert. I have another crochet project in mind , something new for me to try.  I just hope I can find enough cotton yarn of various colours in my stash.

Keep warm ( or cool) and keep safe.


  1. Goodluck with the lockdown.. people will not listen will they..

  2. Sweet stitcheries. It is important to keep our stashes fully stocked at all times - you never know when you need that extra ball of wool or piece of fabric!!!! Stay safe.

  3. Lovely stitcheries and it is great you have fixed the cushion. I had a look at the big homes down by the beach today and they have residents, all from Melbourne, so much for the 5km restriction! Keepp safe.

  4. Shame about the lockdown but I agree that people are far too soon to want to dispense with masks. I shall be wearing mine in busy places for some time to come. Even though we have been vacinated it is still possible to catch covid and therefore pass it on. Caution is the word.
    Lovely little stitcheries. Shame about the unpulling but good news that you found more yarn. Stay safe. xx

  5. Pretty blocks and well done with fixing the crochet... keep safe....

  6. Sorry to hear you are back in lockdown but I love the projects you are working on! Keep warm! Christine xx



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