Sunday 11 October 2020



On my last post I had traced the October designs ready to stitch. I have finished the heart and have started the larger one.  Just one more to do.

         I finished reading this book a couple of nights ago.

It is nearly time for me to order some more books as I only have 3 left on the shelf. I started one of them but I am finding it hard to get into. Don't you hate that especially when you have bought the book? Ah well, I shall give it a chapter or 2 and hopefully it will draw me in. 

I have used a slightly smaller font this time so please let me know if it is ok.

Keep safe, keep smiling and happy stitching.


  1. Lovely stitcheries and yes, it's a bit annoying when you buy books but don't enjoy them. Fingers crossed this new one sparks your fancy.

  2. That is a very sweet heart. Life it too short to struggle with a book that you cannot get into.

  3. Font looking good Ondrea. Pretty stitcheries. I hope the book improves. xx

  4. Beautiful stitching Ondrea! The font size is perfect! Hope you have had a lovely weekend! Christine xx

  5. Beautiful stitcheries Ondrea, hopefully you can get into the book soon. The font size is fine.

  6. Lovely work! Yes I agree...disappointing when it doesn't grab you....hope it improves. Sometimes I put them by and have another try later.....can be the frame of mind I'm in at the time xx

  7. Your stitches look lovely. It is such a pleasurable project to work on.



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