Sunday, 18 October 2020


 Not much stitching has been happening here this past week but I did finish the last October B.O.M stitchery. All 3 are done.

I chose to not satin stitch the central circle on the top left stitchery . I have also slightly changed the strip of flowers by using several colonial knots in the centres and adding lines on each petal from the centre out. 

It has been another quiet week here apart from health issues and it looks like lockdown restrictions are easing tomorrow so I am looking forward to seeing my grandsons. 

Thanks for visiting and keep safe.


  1. Lovely, lovely stitching.
    I really like how we are each changing little things and making our own versions.

  2. Enjoy the time with your family. Gorgeous sticheries.

  3. Beautiful stitching Ondrea! Enjoy seeing your family! Christine xx

  4. Hi Ondrea your stitcheries are beautiful and yippee so happy for you to be able to see your family,take care my friend xx

  5. Lovely stitcheries and a big YAY for lockdown restrictions easing.

  6. Beautiful stitcheries Ondrea. What a lovely treat that will be for you too see those Grandies and vice versa xxx



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