Friday, 17 April 2020


I love crochet. I tried to do it decades ago with little success so I just kept knitting. However, all that changed after learning to crochet step by step with pics to guide me on Attic 24 and joining a Crochet A Long. I had previously done some crocheting with some help via the phone from a blog friend and I had some success but now I absolutely love it. I have been making my munchkin's blue blanket.

A while ago I bought some Thomas the Tank Engine fabric to make 2 pillow cases for my munchkin and I am still trying to get around to sewing them. I need to follow a tutorial.

I bought a small iron from Spotlight quite a while ago to iron the small pieces and blocks I hand piece. I always iron them on a small ironing board in my sewing room but I usually hand piece in another room. So, I decided to buy a small ironing mat to use closer to where I stitch. I also replaced my sand paper board with a lovely thin rubber mat that can be rolled up and even washed.

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Angel Blessings.


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  2. The blankie is look good and the perfect fabric for pillowcases.

  3. Love the colours in your crochet blanket. Thomas fabric will make wonderful pillowcases. Your new iron and ironing mat will be prefect for your mini quilt blocks.

  4. Your crochet is lovely Munchkin will love the pillow cases
    Looks like a handy iron

  5. What a gorgeous blue! Beautiful crochet and Thomas the tank engine is such an all time fav. I think a little munchkin is going to be thrilled.

  6. The blues are lovely that you are using for your blanket, Ondrea. xx

  7. Such pretty crochet. I hadnt crocheted for years but now seem to have caught the bug again! I fancy trying one of those wool mats - do let us know how you get on. xx

  8. Hi Ondrea oh your crocheting is beautiful and i love the colours,well done my friend .
    Oh the boys will love their new pillowcases,stay safe my friend xx

  9. gorgeous blues and I love that pattern too.... those wool mats are great... I don't have one but I do use a wool blanket on my ironing board and it makes a big difference pressing blocks.



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