Monday 26 August 2019


After my committment to finish some UFOs I have finally pieced the last block of " A Gardener's Journal". I still have no idea why I stashed it away with all the fabrics pieces prepared and the stitcheries all completed... apart from the missing one . Despite not locating the same backing fabric I had used for the stitcheries I think the one I eventually decided to use actually blends in well with all the others. So, here are all the finished blocks I hope to join together soon.

I am looking forward to a  trip to the quilt shop selecting border fabrics for my finished quilt and the hexie table topper which is nearly completed. 

I really need to be organised as my wee bairn , 2nd grandson,  is due very soon and grandma duties will be required enjoying my munchkin and helping out my daughter with the new baby.

Thankyou for visiting.

Angel Blessings.


  1. Hi Ondrea wow your gardener's journal quilt looks awesome,i am so glad its not sitting in the UFO pile anymore.
    Oh your hexie runner will look fantastic in its pretty blue's.
    How exciting no2 grandson nearly here,i am so pleased for you all,take care my friend xx

  2. Wonderful to have 2 nearly finishes! Your Gardeners Journal looks amazing as do your hexies. Best wishes for your daughter and the new one coming!

  3. Your quilt looks fabulous! Well done you.
    You've reminded me that I started this quilt a long time ago too. I wonder where I've put it? Hmmm... you've given me a mission.

  4. No block stands out from the rest so well done on matching the background fabric that you were short. Enjoy your grandma duties.

  5. Well done Ondrea on Gardeners Journal....such a lovely quilt. Pretty blue hexies also. Excitement must be growing waiting for your new bubba xx



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