Monday 15 July 2019


It has been a really wet and windy weekend here. I think we had continuous rain for about 48 hours and the winds were quite strong. Perfect weather for stitching and crocheting. I had no sewing time on Saturday but I  did complete Part C of my angel quilt yesterday. Unfortunately, I think I may need to unpick the middle row of squares as they do not match up properly and create a problem with the row on the right hand side.

Today I started on the next part of the quilt but after getting up and down off the floor several times trying to select squares to a ttach to the next block I ran out of oomph. I can't be bothered setting the sewing machine up and I am so tired that I know I will just create a huge unpicking project. I think I will stick to crochet.

                                              Angel Blessings


  1. Hi Ondrea got back home today and I can't believe how cold and wet it is here.
    I am loving your angel quilt,it will be waiting for you when you find some more oomph xx

  2. Sometimes you just need to walk away and have a break. We have the bitterly cold winds here but no rain. Stay warm and enjoy your crocheting.

  3. Best to have a break if you dont have the oompf, start again when you are feeling good. Nice to see the sun this morning. Enjoy your crochet and keep warm.

  4. Ondrea, at least you didn't have my Grandmother in your ear - 'either you undo it, or I will; but it needs to be undone and re-done! If I could help you I would. ope you are feeling better.



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