Sunday 2 June 2019


It is only officially 2 days in to winter and I am over it already.  Wet, cold, windy gloomy days are not exactly uplifting but they are perfect days for a bit of crochet or stitching while watching a movie , listening to a podcast, or simply binge watching a TV series .  I have been determined to complete projects and to finish everything I start instead of putting it away to finish off later. In my experience " later" usually ends up years later or completely forgotten!  I vow that there shall be no more surprise unfinished discoveries when sorting through my sewing room.  So, this weekend I put the binding on my Crazy Cats quilt which was finished and quilted back in 2016. Just a sleeve and label required now.

My 2nd little quilt has now been bound as well. Again, a sleeve and label shall see it completed. I have placed a peg next to it so you can see the size of this quilt.

I have enjoyed the calming rythm of crocheting most evenings . 

Keep snug and warm.

Angel Blessings.


  1. I am with you....bring on summer. Love those cute cats and your mini quilt is gorgeous.

  2. Know how you feel, at present south of Melbourne on the Mornington Peninsula, where we are absolutely freezing, but then again, we are from Queensland and 3 weeks ago we were in Cairns!

  3. Well done on your finishing plan!! Love your mini quilt and the cats are cute. Your crochet is growing well. More rain and cold this morning.

  4. Gorgeous projects Ondrea. Grey weather can get you down so it's great you are making the best of it with your lovely work xx

  5. Lovely finishes Ondrea. Pretty colours in your crocheting. xx

  6. Both beautiful finishes Ondrea! Particularly love the little quilt..... don't know how you pieced all those tiny bits of fabric! Have a lovely weekend! Christine xx



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