Sunday 2 June 2024


 With the cooler weather upon us I quite enjoy doing some crochet and finished my scarf quite quickly. It is folded over twice for the pic so it is actually 4 times longer .

I loved this yarn so much that I bought another ball in different colours and decided to dust off my knitting needles to knit a scarf this time. I didn't want just a plain pattern so I am knitting a basket weave. 

A little more progress has been made with my crosstitch.

More cleanups in my sewing room have been happening. I have cleaned out 3 drawers and even found some long lost blocks I thought had gone forever. One of those empty drawers now has all my crosstitch stuff in it. I am getting rid of more fabric , patterns, and stitcheries I have done. It is hard to know what to do with it all as Op Shops sometimes send fabric for rags and books to be pulped! When I have sorted more fabric I shall put pics on here to see if anyone would like some. 

Happy crafting.


  1. A pretty finish and a new one heading towards the finish line. It is amazing what turns up in a clean out.

  2. Lovely finish Ondrea and great new knitting colour and pattern. Amazing what we find in a clean up isn't it!

  3. Your new knitting project looks very autumnal - lovely colours. Great finish on the crochet one and your cross stitch is coming along very nicely. xx

  4. Gosh that yarn looks gorgeous made up... it is very pretty and the cross stitch is looking good.... yes it is hard to know what to do with patterns and fabric especially when you know is it still useful but you don't want to keep it....

  5. Oooh that yarn is so pretty. Loving the look of your finished scarf and that new basketweave one which you're working on. Happy knitting!



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