Sunday 28 April 2024



                          I finished the bat.

I think some of the threads were thinner as some specks of aida can be seen through the stitching. I have been using 2 strands on 16 ct aida with the other designs I have recently done and they don't have this problem. Same brand, DMC, but maybe different quality cotton in certain colours that I have ? Anyhoo, hopefully my daughter will like it. It just needs to be ironed and then I shall post it to her. She wants some gothic frames for the crosstitches she has done so that is why I won't be framing it myself. 


  1. What a great finish. Love that bat! I think there is discrepancies in thread thickness. I have found that before x

  2. Ondrea, it may be the age of the threads. Being cotton, they weather and break down over time. Your daughter will love your work on this project, :-)



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