Sunday 3 December 2023



3 weeks ago I came down with Covid for the first time. I have been quite vigilant from the beginning and still wear a mask in the supermarket if there are a lot of people  around me.  However, I caught it from my daughter and grandsons . Even though they have had it before I managed to dodge it back then having not been around them at the contageous time. So hubby and I both got it this time. I had no runny nose or cough, just a sore throat one afternoon then by that night I had a shocking migraine and was very nauseous. I couldn't keep a sip of water down so I couldn't take any pain killers. To top it off I collapsed on my bedroom floor rug and woke up confused as to why my face felt scratchy lol. The next day my daughter had to come over to assist despite having Covid herself and an ambulance was called because I was dehydrated and my head was exploding. After giving me some sublingual anti nausea medication things improved but I face planted on the bathroom floor the following night and woke up with my nose bleeding everwhere. Judging by how sore my nose felt the next few days I think I had fallen on my nose. So, once again, not much craft has been done the past few weeks but I did open that yummy pack of yarn and I have started the project I bought it for.

I have been enjoying this book series and finished book 3. I have passed them on to my mum who is also loving them. Book 4 is on my shelf waiting to be read and the final book, number 5, is on its way from Booktopia. 

I won't be doing much craft today as I pulled a neck muscle in bed last night while simply changing position .  Gotta laugh. Ain't ageing fun! 


  1. Sorry you got sick and hurt your neck. Heal quickly.

  2. Oh dear Ondrea, it all sounds most unpleasant. So sorry that you have been ill and after avoiding it for a long time. I hope your husband is OK. Those little flowers look pretty. xx

  3. I was so sorry to read this post Ondrea. It sounds as though you have really been through the wars and I do hope that you feel better now. Sending a big hug and my very best wishes. Christine xx

  4. Oh no, you have had a bad dose... take care as recovery can be long and slow..... some very pretty yarn to play with and good books for distractions...

  5. Oh gosh you have been having a bad time. Take care and hope that you are all feeling better soon.

  6. OH no, covid has hit you hard! I hope you and hubby are feeling better now. Your crochet flowers are lovely.



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