Sunday, 20 November 2022



A few years ago I put my Eastern Jewels blanket away in the too hard basket thinking it may never resurface . Now I am so pleased that I took the plunge and restarted it. Despite a little creative improvisation here and there to get the octagons right, it has all pieced together nicely.  

I apologise for the blurred parts on the right side of the photo and the curled half triangles on each corner. Now more fun begins....the border. I thought this would be the easiest part but I am having some difficulty with the instructions.  Maybe I should think about it later after I have had some sleep. 

I was already pondering what crochet project to do next and was considering a few things when I found that Lucy at Attic 24 has announced a new CAL. It is called Springfrost and shall be starting early January. So, I hopped onto my lappy and ordered the yarn kit which shall wing its way here in 7 to 14 days. I have ordered a few Attic 24 kits from Wool Warehouse over the years and made a few of Lucy's blankets which I love. Hmmm, I wonder if I will ever get back to stitching? Yeah! Too many UFOs waiting for me.


  1. Gorgeous....looking forward to seeing how you finish it off.

  2. Beautiful Ondrea, looking forward to seeing the border. Sometimes instructions need a second reading. I love Lucy's blankets too, I have a kit in the cupboard I must get down and start one day soon.

  3. This project is just gorgeous Ondrea and I am looking forward to the next crochet project in January! Hugs Christine xx

  4. That looks beautiful. Good luck with the border.
    Lucy is a very clever designer, she has a great eye for colour.

  5. Just gorgeous... hope you figure out the border. I saw Springfrost... pretty colours. I got a different kit when I was over there so I shall avoid temptation this time.

  6. The colours are gorgeous Ondrea, so glad you persevered! Looking forward to seeing the border complete next week...... xx

  7. It's coming along beautifully. I hadn't read about the new crochet project so now I shall go over and see if I need to order some yarn too ;-)



  So far I have kept up with Attic 24's CAL and was, once again, ready to start the next part when it was released on  Friday night.  So...